Ruler Of Everything

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Origins[edit source]

The Ruler Of Everything is a song by Tally Hall, released in 22 November 2015.

Lyrics mainly in the memes[edit source]

Do you like how I dance? I've got zirconium pants! Consequential enough To slip you into a trance Do you like how I walk? Do you like how I talk? Do you like how my face Disintegrates into chalk? I have a wonderful wife I have a powerful job She criticizes me for being egocentric (ha ha ha) You practice your mannerisms Into the wall If this mirror were clearer I'd be standing so tall I saw you slobber over clovers on the side of the hill I was observing the birds I've been you I know you Your facade is a scam You know you're making me cry This is the way that I am I've been living a lie A metamorphical scheme Detective undercover brotherhood Objective: obscene

Oh no, no Oh yeah

How the heck did it become a meme[edit source]

It became a meme in the early 2021s, when Troll Face became popular. In 2021, youtube user by the name of source2 uploaded "Troller of everything". When the video took off, other people started making variants of the video, like Crafter Of Everything.

Troller of Everything

So basically Tally Hall became famous like 6 years after they made Ruler of Everything