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welcome to teh memez wiki
memipedia is teh best.
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8 pages since whenever this wiki was born
rulz that make you cringe (MUST READ) (NOT CLICKBAIT)
  1. memipedia is literally the epic encyclopedia of memes, back ur claims. one source per page
  2. make the pages kewl, not ugly
  3. dont make duplicate pages pls unless theyre redirects
  4. draft ur pages in ur sandbox
  5. ur userpage can be used for pretty much anything as long as it doesnt break the conduct rulez

conduct rulez

  1. be civil
  2. assume good faith
  3. if someone is trolling or overall being rude tell an admin
  4. is an admin not up to ur standards or smth? talk to em on their talk page and try to resolve it

wanna talk to an admin or smth? here's the list

stupid kids
federal bureaucrats of investigation bucket teh eediot
admin abusers nobody lmao
modz nobody lmao
Retired Bureaucrats: totally not my alt

metal polls
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