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"Nobody cares"

BRUH NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS PART!!! "Origins"[edit source]

The word "Bruh" originated from the City of San Francisco, also known as the Bay Area. It was in this city were the word "Bruh" was first used and shown on vine. "Bruh" was first used by male African Americans to greet their homies (close friends). Over time the word "Bruh" migrated because of the vine video. People would view the video and share the word "Bruh" through social media site. In time the word "Bruh" reached the ears of the whole world however, "Bruh" is still a word commonly used by African Americans.[1]

Usage[edit source]

There are three definitions/usages of the word “BRUH”.

  1. Used by males (mainly African Americans) in everyday vocabulary to greet one another.
  2. A shortening of brother or bro.
  3. Used when someone says or does something unintelligent.[2]

References[edit source]